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About Us


Machinum was founded in 2018 by a collective of smaller corporations with mutual interests within the Providence region where we once resided in the Evictus Alliance. Our early operations consisted of import logistics support and fuel block production for the region.

The decision was made to further expand on our production activities leading to our heavy and ongoing involvement in the Tech 2 and Tech 3 technologies. Over a relatively short span of time Machinum established itself as a leading producer of these variants throughout our space.

Despite our industrial focus, Machinum quickly gained a positive reputation through its warfare efforts in both offensive and defensive operations. Our High Council division is filled with competent leaders with many years of experience in the game and as such Machinum has managed to succeed with many operations across several regions and multiple war campaigns. As a result, our members can often be found on the front lines of any conflicts.

To this day we are still part of the Evictus Alliance within the newly formed PIBC coalition. We have contributed greatly to the recent conquests of Evictus such as the siege and takeover of Immensea in 2018, the capturing of Feythabolis in 2019 and more recently our campaign to clear Esoteria where we now call home.

Meet the team



Jaque en Bludclart


Nomoa Tekash


Dr Rocc


What we do


In EVE survival is everything; that's why we pride ourselves on being one of the main warfare contributors within our alliance whether its offensive or defensive operations. We have a number of fleet commanders within our ranks, each with their own specialties and provide training to any new or veteran players who are looking to improve their skills.


In order to survive weapons are needed, and lots of them. At Machinum we research and manufacture vast amounts of advanced ships, modules and military technologies with our primary focus being on the Tech 2 variant. Our operation spans multiple regions throughout New Eden and covers everything from resource acquisition needed to maintain production and the distribution of the final products to various distribution facilities.


Logistics is life the lifeline of any operation; our team capable of moving heavy assets whether it’s from High-sec distribution centres or moving finish product from our production facilities to forward staging hubs, if you need something moved they have you covered.

Our Divisions


pilots run defensive and offensive operations against enemies of the corporation, patrol sectors of space we operate in and maintain the security of Machinum's production facilities.

Heavy industry

Pilots in this division are responsible for operating Machinum's research and production facilities, resource acquisition needed to maintain production and the distribution of the final products to distribution facilities

High Council

The HC is the command and control arm of the Machinum Corporation. It oversees all operations of both the Machinum Corporation and the various Machinum subsidiaries.

We are always looking for talent. Think you have what it takes?