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We are always looking out for dedicated members to join our ranks. Whether you are a new player to EVE or a veteran with years of experience, there is a place for you in Machinum.

Machinum is a ‘real life first’ goal driven corporation and as such we strive to meet our yearly goal forecast while helping our members achieve their own. This is important to us, by helping you develop your skills and abilities only strengthens us as a corporation. We have worked hard to build a positive and helpful community, you have the flexibility to try and new ventures and have experienced players on hand to help you should you require it.

What we offer

Active Leadership

Those within our HC Division are highly active both in-game and in social tools such as Discord/Mumble.

Knowledge sharing

We have a vast amount of knowledge within our community, with members covering a wide range of skills and interests we are a strong platform to learn from

ISK Generation Opportunities

As a corporation which null-sec based we have great opportunities for ISK generation; whether you are a pilot that enjoys ratting in anomalies or a miner seeking ores and moon materials, there is plenty of ISK to be made

Corporate buyback program

We run an internal and easy to use buyback program for a fast turnaround on any unwanted items ranging from ores, anomalies loots, salvage, PI materials and more

What we expect

To be active

We are all about community and we want members to actively contribute within it. We understand that real life comes first though, we will never ask or expect anyone to play any more than their usual time frame


This is key part of EVE and therefore members are required to have the ability listen and speak on comms when required. Outside of fleet operations our Mumble server is a great social platform for getting to know your corporate and alliance members


We use various standard IT services which members are required to sign up such as the following:

Alliance Auth (AA)
Discord (Corp, Alliance, Allies)

Willingness to learn & adapt

EVE is an ever-changing game and players need to be prepared to adapt to the changes that come along with it. We are a helpful community and will be on hand to help you navigate any changes which come up

Our recruitment team


Recruitment Head (EU)

Sammillion Gibs

Recruiter (US)


Recruiter (EU)

Aproia Raholan

Recruiter (EU)

If you are interested in joining us or need more information our recruitment team as well as our HC members can be found in-game via the ‘MAC10 Recruit’ channel or on our Discord server.